Ministries & Outreaches

B.E.S.T. (Bible Enrichment School of Theology)

BEST-LogoB.E.S.T. is founded on the fundamentals of the Christian faith. It is a full gospel, prophetic school of theology embracing the academic level of the higher learning environment, yet remaining true to the apostolic teachings of Christ.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Department of Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church is designed to teach the basic foundational truths of the Christian Faith to the new believer while challenging the seasoned believer to develop knowledge, expertise and wisdom that is applicable to the realities in their lives.

Healing School

Healing School provides anointed teaching and activation on our covenant of health and wellness.

Life Study Groups

Life Study Groups consist of both lecture style teaching and small groups meetings where people learn, grow, connect and develop relationships leading to transformation. It is designed to teach foundational truths of the Christian faith with life application to new and mature believers. As believers we are called to manifest the life of Christ in the earth, this means a marrying of both knowledge and application that manifests itself in life experience.

  • The Bait of Satan
  • Practical Biblical Prayer
  • Life Style Evangelism
  • The Power of the Soul

R.A.P.H.A. (Resources Available Promoting Health Awareness)

R.A.P.H.A. is a team of physicians and health care workers helping people to understand and use health care resources appropriately. R.A.P.H.A. promotes making healthy lifestyle choices to maintain wellness and prevent disease.

L.A.M.P.S. (Leaders, Apostolic, Maturing & Mentoring Prophetic Seminars)

LampsL.A.M.P.S. is an apostolic network and fellowship of ministries, which facilitates and nurtures meaningful relationships among pastors, ministers, leaders, and other powerful ministry gifts, enabling them to be more effective in their calling for the purpose of multiplying strong churches, business and marketplace ministries around the world.

L.A.M.P.S: Rewired Ages 19-40

Birthed from L.A.M.P.S., Rewired is a network geared toward a generation of young adult world changers consisting of leaders from all professions forming an integrated wholeness for the Kingdom of God. This generation of leaders has been preordained to change the status quo. As young generals they are preparing the church to confront the powers of darkness and take dominion in the marketplace.

Children’s Ministry

  • C.U.B.S. (Children Under the Blood) ages 6 weeks to 3 years
  • L.A.M.B. Academy(Little and Mighty Believers) ages 4-5
  • P.O.W.E.R. Academy (Preachers of the Word and Examples of Righteous) ages 6-11
  • C.A.A. (Children’s Arts Academy) ages 3-11

Frontline Youth Ministries

Frontline is a youth ministry ages 12-18 that meet on a regular basis for fellowship, teaching and activities.

  • MERGE Youth Camp
  • C.H.O.I.C.E.S. (Ages 12-18)
  • Bible Studies
  • Drama Ministry

C.H.O.I.C.E.S. is personal development journey to assist youth as they navigate a world in which there are many choices to be made. To strengthen, encourage, inspire, equip, and uplift our youth as they encounter various paths in life with the ability to make educated decisions, leading them to remain morally sound. C.H.O.I.C.E.S. uses creative methods to educate youth about life choices, sexuality and intimacy while reinforcing biblical principles and concepts.

Pathway Connection: The Road to Spiritual Recovery

Pathway is a prayer and sober living ministry that re-builds shattered lives by providing counseling, teaching and pastoral support to individuals.

Pathway builds self-esteem and provides hope for families with a heavy load of personal tragedy: addiction, shame, incarceration, domestic violence, emotional and sexual abuse.

Meeting time and location:
BEFIC – Multi-Purpose Room
400East Kelso Street
Inglewood, CA 90301
PATHWAY meets on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday evenings at 7:00p.m.

Real Men Talk

Men of Faith/Real Men Talk is a raw, candid and grass roots exchange for men to help each other through the steps needed to confront areas in their life that require further development.

Tapestry Women's Ministry

Tapestry-LogoTapestry Women’s Ministry is a personal and interactive sharing of experiences to help one another through the process of redemption. Some of the experiences are complicated with life’s events which are characterized with difficulties. The concept of taking two sets of interlaced thread speaks of women not always related in subject and style but intended by God to stand together in His Kingdom.

The uniqueness of decorative tapestry can partially be explained by its’ movability from one place to another, one stage of life to another, and one level to another, equating transformation and change.

Bam Crawford's The Company

The_CompanyBam Crawford’s The Company is an integrated system of women from various occupations and backgrounds improving the lives of women everywhere. Meetings, support groups and conferences support women of all ages, nationalities, cultures and religion, empowering them in the workplace, marketplace, community and ministry providing access to skills and information in order to restore and strengthen their dreams and goals.


Marriage Enrichment / Covenant Heirs

Covenant Heirs is an outreach for strengthening the family, sharing through teaching and testimonies the principles of covenant relationship. It encourages intimacy and how to resolve conflicts so that they don’t interfere with growth and satisfying relationships.

M.A.S.S. (Mature And Saved Seniors)

This is a fellowship of seniors (ages 55+) that engage in information exchange, companionship and fellowship through various outings. It provides much needed spiritual, psychological interaction and support.

G.I.F.T.S (Godly Involvement For Today’s Singles) Ages 19-40

This fellowship is for the unmarried in the seasons of transition and preparation. It teaches and encourages those whose character and standard of life is an essential part of Christian ethics.

Evangelism / Community

  • Compassion in Action (CIA) – Free fresh produce and food distribution the first and second Friday of every month.
  • Sons of Thunder – Food & Clothing Program for men and women on Skid Row.
  • King’s Daughters Love Bundles Ministry – Is an outreach to homeless women and children.
  • Vision to Learn – Is a not for profit organization that provides free eye exams and free glasses to elementary school students in low income communities.
  • Prison/Jail Ministry – This is an extension of our Pathway Connection for chaplains and ministers who go into camps, jails and prisons to inspire hope, by conducting Bible Studies, prayer meetings and support groups.
  • More Too Life – Networks with BAM Crawford Ministries to advocate for the victims of all forms of human trafficking, sex slavery, rape incest and prostitution. Dr. Brook Bello at (941) 227-1012

Kingdom Community and Youth Center (KCYC)

The purpose of the KCYC programs are to promote social and economic change, health, fitness and wellness within the community and are designed to benefit at risk youth, senior citizens, small businesses and other members in our communities.

Enrichment Counseling Center (ECC)

ECC consists of workshops, support groups and seminars to meet the spiritual, mental and social needs of the community. We promote and provide deliberate and creative educational programming with an emphasis on prevention, wellness and self-help.

Making Parenting a Pleasure (MPAP)
MPAP is a court certified national family strengthening model interactive program, which consists of 13 workshops focusing on skills and issues tailored to the needs of parents. The MPAP curriculum is provided by The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.