About Us


B.E.F.I.C. is an inter-denominational global ministry. This fellowship is prophetic and is characterized by faith, prophetic teaching, prayer, worship and ministerial training. The fellowship includes the basic dynamics of spiritual life, family growth, financial stability and generational legacy. Operating as a plurality of elders, Bible Enrichment creates an environment of fellowship and learning. We provide worship services, bible studies, seminars, support groups, leadership summits, roundtables, collaborative and community involvement all with a genuine and sincere concern to strengthen families, communities and nations. Each spiritual enrichment program encourages a personal commitment to Christ, to stewardship and to priestly service. We believe that a true fellowship grows out of a shared interest and responsibility.

B.E.F.I.C. has been actively involved in evangelism and soul winning. Teams of believers hit the streets every month leading thousands and thousands of people to Christ. B.E.F.I.C. consists of over 40 ministries and outreaches which have all been a catalyst for change, maturity and deliverance.

B.E.F.I.C. has a strong family dynamic recognizing the value of people, reaching into the communities and inner cities helping the fallen, the wounded, the discouraged, the bound, the backslider and the unchurched providing them with hope and acceptance. Dr. Crawford works with church leaders and authorities both locally and internationally with respect to unity, social justice, education, economic empowerment and mental stability. She confronts issues like prison ministry reform, mental health, domestic violence, sex-trafficking and substance abuse recovery.


Thank you in advance for your generosity and financial support. All donations, gifts and freewill offerings to the ministry are tax deductible and non-refundable.